Computer Multimedia Development Services

Technology World Online offers numerous E-learning development solutions designed for corporations and small business training departments. Through streaming audio and video web technologies, Technology World can custom develop a wide range of services that assist with the development of the neccessary computer skills required by high-tech organizations.

The streaming playback technologies utilized by our services is based on Macromedia Flash technologies as well as Internet streaming audio and video protocols. Our team of highly skilled computer professionals use a variety of sophisticated software applications to develop E-learning solutions that can be streamed easily through any leading Web browser.

Multimedia encompasses a variety of different levels or sub topics to be explained. In these series of pages, you will understand different elements associated with multimedia.

Our staff our design professionals can custom tailor any type of design to meet the requirements of your business. For a consultation fee and to request more about how our services can be of asset to your organization please contact us using the link found here.

  • Fully customizable training solutions based on your organization’s needs, educational background, and type of software used.
  • Choice of design structure through any number of callouts, transitions, and background.
  • Output is based on the universal Macromedia Flash format and can be tailored to meet the demands of your business.
  • Output can be tailored to meet the needs of your employee’s skill levels.
  • Output can be implemented through a corporate intranet or website.

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