Responses from Technology World in Regards To Covid-19 Concerns

Troubleshooting Software Problems Related to Personal Computing Problems
Troubleshooting Software Problems Related to Personal Computing Problems


This document highlights our concerns for the COVID-19 Virus and what it means for our e-sales and store policies. We are in full operation and our store is in 24 hours for your orders. However, you may experience some service shipping delays.

In our response to a world changing pandemic we are in days of uncertain nature. We work from home and equip people with online worlds, thus having no physical roof for conducting business. Our online stores will remain open, and shipping of orders is continue to be processed as quickly as possible.

Our DVD sets are typically processed and mailed to you within 10 business days, but expedited shipping is added $5.00 to any order. We will still ship through Canada Post.

Store Policies:

Our online store is open and products can be purchased easily. If you have a new troubleshooting project for us, in the way of a faulting computer or tablet, please use this form to contact us now:

Stores are open for business despite the Pandemic. This novel corona virus has changed lives, and although we will get through it, we need to practice different techniques including social distancing.

I frequent the Cannabis stores, and there was a line-up to get into the store with many people at least 6 feet from each other. They were letting only 3 new customers in at-a-time. In the store, there was green boxes to indicate where to stand, to maintain social distancing protocols.

Our we in different times, exposed to a virus forced to isolate ourselves at home, and not go out.

Wow. This is where you can count on Technology World Services, all independent running online via virtual classrooms, and message boards to help users connect with new trending markets.

We specialize, and continue to offer core I.T. services, in response to the pandemic, we issue no missions at this time. We maintain core  missions already stated, here.

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