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What we offer in the PC Repair Services category is high tech troubleshooting and diagnostics. We offer the ability to view potential resolutions and articles that can help you diagnose the problems yourself. Or if you don’t have the time, a representative can be scheduled through this website to allow for remote desktop troubleshooting once we know exactly what the problem is we can offer a variety of solutions customized to to seek immediate resolution. Our computer troubleshooting and repair services offer highly sophisticated diagnostic and troubleshooting services that will help isolate and resolve most computer problems. Any issue from virus and spyware removal to complete Windows restoration, there are no situations that are too difficult for us to handle.For exact information about how much our PC Repair and Troubleshooting services cost, please consult this document, Price List for more information.

We use various remote troubleshooting tools to help you diagnose the problem working with you to resolve even the most complex issues.

Here is a summary of the repair services we can offer individuals and business’s alike:





General PC Repairs Includes simple fixes for basic problems such as a guided tours of how a software application runs or how to accomplish basic PC tasks on a desktop or laptop computer.
  Complex PC Repairs These problems require more in-depth problem solving abilities and technical expertise. Examples include diagnostics of your hardware or troubleshooting why you cannot connect to the Internet or why your cloud storage is not working.
  Virus Removal

If you find your once seemingly fast highly expensive computer system is slowing down while performing routine tasks such as surfing the Web, then chances are you have unknowingly downloaded a virus or received it as an attachment in one of your e-mails. Once a virus attacks a computer the consequences can come in the form of data loss or the computer will not boot up at all. Our staff of security experts use the latest security tools, anti-malware tool kits, and spyware removal software to help eradicate viruses from your computer quickly and safely.

  Spyware Removal If you have problems with spyware, you may notice you are bombarded with popup advertisements, or more serious, you may be forced to pay a ransom because your files have become digitally hacked by hackers. Whatever the situation spyware works by infecting your computer to display relevant information or advertisements based on your PC’s tracking history. Technology World utilizes a variety of tools to remove spyware infections.
  Home Network Configuration

If you are having problems with your Internet connection or your home network. Technology World can provide full diagnostic and troubleshooting services to help you get your home network running as it should without bottlenecks or firewall problems. If it is the first time you are trying to get connected to the Internet, a fully trained technician will provide a full Internet setup complete with solutions that will help safeguard your personal information and data while connected to the Internet.

  Windows Re-installations

If your Windows operating system is showing you a lot of fatal exception and stop operation errors (i.e. blue screens of death) or programs are randomly freezing up or not starting at all, then chances are your Windows operating system files have become corrupted. The only possible solution to get your system back in working order is to have a complete reinstall of your Windows operating system completed. Reinstalling your entire Windows operating system can be a daunting task, especially if you have no working knowledge of how a Windows operating system works or what’s required for a successful reinstall. Our windows re installation services will provide you with a complete professional re installation of your Windows operating system. This highly professional service includes full security updates from the Microsoft Windows update website, as well as all drivers included and professionally installed for all devices within your computer. If your PC isn’t totally unbootable, we can also backup and restore your files and settings, if possible so that after the reinstall has been completed, you’ll be able to pick up working exactly where you left off. For $10 extra, a fully certified PC technician can also include a backup of all the drivers required to get your devices working properly on optical media. This backup will also be available on the local disk within the PC, for quicker access in the event you have to reinstall drivers manually in the future.

  Computer Upgrades

If you are running out of hard drive space or need a faster processor and additional memory to speed up your slow computer, ask about our computer upgrades and repair services. A free thirty minute minute consultation is provided so that you understand exactly what the upgrade would involve. Also, if you are thinking about purchasing your first computer, or would like to purchase a refurbished system to add to the kids playroom, then you will want to have a Technology World computer consultant assist you in making the best purchase decisions both computer wise and economically speaking. Once we have worked together to determine the solution you need then you can have one of our professionally certified technicians build the system per your approval. A 20% deposit is required for all new system builds.

  In Home Computer Repair Services

Technology World offers in home computer troubleshooting and repair services to help you get your system working properly without having to bring your PC into our shop. A one time consultation fee is $35. This fee is non-refundable. If you choose to have the problems completely resolved, a charge of $45 per hour will be applied. This does not include the cost of any new hardware that may be required to fix the problems. Notification will be provided to you in advance if there is an extra charge going to be applied and you can simply answer yes or no to have the troubleshooting services completed.

We take the time to get the job done properly so that your back up and running as quickly as possible with little or no down time. Your data remains completely safe and secure and properly restored after the situation has been resolved. Free consultations are available via telephone or e-mail so that we can discuss the situation and work together to figure out the fastest and most economical resolution.

Services At A Glance:

Troubleshooting Checklists:

These documents provide an extensive overview of how to troubleshoot a wide variety of computer problems with at-glance looks at troubleshoot specific application problems.

These are all the Troubleshooting article with general category. Most of the them are complete, but some you will find external links that point to different websites. Technology World makes no warranties implied or otherwise as to the main content of the articles. We teach people through highly scientific writing about how to complete common tasks within a specific applications.

  Checklist Title Creation Date:
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