Technology World’s Guide To Building A Personal Video Recorder On Your Computer

How To Build a PVR From Your Desktop Computer (Article Heading)
How To Build a PVR From Your Desktop Computer (Article Heading)

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The guides and tutorials included with this e-book will teach you about various concepts including:

Introductory topics that define what a computer entertainment centre (CEC), or home theatre PC (HTPC) is and how it operates and what required hardware and software is needed for a successful project.

These introductory pages will help you understand concepts behind what a personal video recorder is, how a personal video recorder works, and what types of hardware and software are required for the successful recording, editing, and capturing of digital video on your personal computer.


Computers have evolved extraordinarily over the past twenty years. The explosive evolution and integration of multimedia, wireless computing, and digital communications has made it no longer an impossible mission to have all your favourite music, television shows, and movies available and playable through your personal computer. You can record live television in realtime and play back your favorite episodes without the hassles of purchasing and setting up high end personal video recording equipment, cabling, and other expensive hardware.

With a standard personal computer and video capture card the term “PVR” no longer becomes an impossible task. Recording live television and movies in real-time has been possible for years it’s just now nobody has chosen to write a book about it until now. This book will teach you everything you need to know to start recording and modifying your own digital video. You can easily have your computer secure your home using a camcorder or webcam and have the output sent to any computer connected to the Internet.

I also explain how to take analog data and convert it to a digital format the computer can understand. With a computer, you can make your own DVD’s as well as make personal backups of your favorite DVD and VHS movies. Taking the data as its being recorded and edited and then put on DVD or in another format will also be explained in Chapter Three: What to Do with Digital Data.

This tutorial will teach you aspects associated with building a fully loaded computer entertainment center (CEC), also known as a Media Centre computer, or a home theatre PC (HTPC). You will learn about fundamental components associated with what this technology is all about, and how you can build or buy your own fully customizable CEC based computer system.

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