How To Build a PVR From Your Desktop Computer (Article Heading)

How To Build a Personal Video Recorder on Your Computer – How codecs work

February 23, 2020 Mike Casimir 0

One of the most important topics you will want to understand about this entire digitization process relates to codecs. The term codec is an acronym standing for compression and decompression that typically comes in the form of a software package. Codecs are the easiest way to drastically reduce the size of digital audio and video files, while maintaining the full quality of the original file.

Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

How To Setup A Remote Desktop Connection In Windows XP

February 18, 2020 Mike Casimir 0

This article will teach you the steps required to setup a remote desktop connection in all flavors of Windows .Although disabled by default, it is easy to setup and use for connecting to PC’s on your home network. Learn how to remotely control another PC. Customize login settings and work with removable storage just like you were sitting in front of the remote PC.

PC Dictionary in English


February 17, 2020 Mike Casimir 0

A collection of computer programs, libraries, and related data are referred to as software. Computer programs may be categorized along functional lines, such as application software and system software. The underlying method used for some calculation or manipulation is known as an algorithm.

The PC At A Glance

The Personal Computer At A Glance

February 17, 2020 Mike Casimir 0

The PC is a complex machine. It’s made up of various concepts so we’ve provided an at-a-glance look at what makes up a typical personal computer. You will learn how to identify components, gain an understanding of what data is all about, and learn all about system buses and what they are used for.