The PC At A Glance

The Personal Computer At A Glance

February 17, 2020 Mike Casimir 0

The PC is a complex machine. It’s made up of various concepts so we’ve provided an at-a-glance look at what makes up a typical personal computer. You will learn how to identify components, gain an understanding of what data is all about, and learn all about system buses and what they are used for.

Article Heading Image For Desktop Customization Guide

Desktop Customization Guide – Using The Desktop Cleanup Wizard

February 16, 2020 Mike Casimir 0

In these series of guides I help you understand what desktop customization is all about and how you can get your Windows desktop working better for you. If you are unfamiliar with how Windows works, please read our guide Basic Guide To Windows before you read this article, because it outlines valuable concepts to help you better understand how the customization process works.