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Newly Added Projects Will Be Described In This Section Here.

How To Build a PVR Through Your Home Computer.
Technology World's Guide To Building A Personal Video Recorder On Your Computer

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Technology World Projects

Newly Added Projects Will Be Described In This Section Here.


Technology Insider New Project Development
  • Technology Insider was a project developed by me Michael J. Casimir, a series of static reference web-pages with strong focus on Windows XP, Windows 7, and other vintage operating systems.
  • I did not have any completion date in my mind when constructing the website, however I would like to re-archive the information and apply CSS effects to the tables and diagrams provided. Within the information is a vast array of information related to the nuts and bolts of PC technologies with heavy emphasis on vintage operating systems.
  • Now a days were almost past Windows 10, but that is the most current version of Windows running at present day. Who knows what Microsoft is programming for us in the near future, but working with personal computer hardware has become easier through the inventions of various software applications.

What Is Planned For Development?

Technology Insider was started by me us a hobby. I reference Windows based computers but this version applies to Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1.

I have guides written that explain a wide variety of topics, including:


  1. Windows Basic Concepts.
  2. Windows Hardware Installation Tutorials.
  3. Improving Windows System Performance.
  4. How To Customize The Windows Desktop.
  5. How To Optimize A Windows Workstation For Optimum Speed and Performance.
  6. How To Use Remote Desktop Connection To Connect To Other Computers on a Network.
  7. How To Use Windows Explorer To Manage Files and Folders.
  8. How To Install Hardware Components and Set Them Up In Windows.
windows-tips-tricks/ download-zones/ computer-troubleshooting/ quick-reference-sheets/ internet-web/ pc-hardware-guide/ windows customization/ windows/desktop-options/ windows/desktop-options/screen-savers/ windows/desktop-options/themes/ windows/desktop-options/
  • Windows Tutorials – helps guide you through basic Windows principles, including how to do things in windows, from personalizing to customizing a desktop, we can help you be a more productive Windows user.
  • Multimedia Tutorials – helps guide you through basic multimedia principles, with emphasis on multimedia and design principles.
  • PC Hardware Tutorials – helps guide you through basic PC hardware principles but defining a new way to learn. We teach through multimedia presentation and audio narration to help guide you through learning videos.
  • Computer Networking Tutorials – helps guide you through basic computer networking principles. Go beyond your router and learn about what makes the Internet tick, and how to utilize its full potential.
Technology World Basic Guide to Windows Article Index Page
Click here to view the Basic Guide To WIndows, permitting you to learn how to use Windows 10.

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